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We seek shared experiences with others, especially in times of difficulty and pain

Support Group

People have a natural need for belongingness and there's a connection we feel when we find others and can say, "That's how I feel" or "That's what I'm experiencing!" 

An adult survivor is ultimately responsible for their own lives and self-care, and everyone's journey and situation is unique. As supporters and advocators we can still educate ourselves with the goal of understanding what our loved one may be struggling with. It is through empathy and compassion, without trying to manage the outcome, that I believe we can best support the people in our lives. And oftentimes as supporters, we need help, too. It is through M*OASIS that I hope you no longer feel alone and have a place where you can connect and share experiences with others like you who love and care for an adult survivor of incest or childhood sexual abuse.

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Building an awareness of the survivor's perspective



Caring for yourself as you support another

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Difficult Emotions

Handling the shock, pain, guilt, grief, and difficult emotions you may feel.


Forgiveness & Acceptance

What does it mean to forgive and how do we get to acceptance?

Cherry Blossoms

For Mothers

Resources specifically for mothers who experienced sexual abuse of one of their children

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For the Survivor

Organizations, books, and other resources for the survivor

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Organizations and resources aimed at preventing childhood sexual abuse

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